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Questions and answers

Does the 5log mask prevent Covid-19?
In scientific tests, textiles treated with Livinguard technology have been shown to neutralize SARS-CoV-2 viruses. This protection is maintained even after repeated wearing and washing when the mask is used as recommended. However, the use of a 5log face mask is not a substitute for careful personal hygiene measures as recommended by the appropriate authorities. Furthermore, it cannot prevent infection if it is not worn or if the virus enters the respiratory tract by other means, such as cross-contamination via the person's hand.
Why does the 5log mask perform better than filtering masks?
Filtering masks can retain viruses. However, these are deposited on the surface of the mask, remain active there and can easily infect on contact.
In contrast, the 5log mask forms a protective shield against viruses and bacteria and destroys them on contact. Over 99.9 % of all SARS-CoV-2 pathogens do not survive contact with the mask.
What are the benefits of antimicrobial treatment of face masks?
Bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, can be transmitted via droplets and, in some cases, airborne particles (aerosols).

Surgical masks and respirators - including those that meet the N95 standard - are designed to filter particles from the air. However, even if they remove bacteria and viruses from the air you breathe, these microorganisms remain active on the mask.

During normal breathing and handling of the mask (removal, storage, wearing), these attached microorganisms pose a major risk of infection because they can pass through the mask or transfer to hands or other surfaces. Recent studies have shown that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 infection, can remain active on surgical masks for several days.

Antimicrobial treatment may solve some of this problem. However, it is only effective against bacteria, not viruses.

5log masks go a crucial step further. They use Livinguard technology, which holds viruses and bacteria like a magnet and destroys them reliably.
How to wash the 5log mask?
Our 5log mask is equipped with the unique antiviral Livinguard technology. This technology inactivates bacteria and viruses and requires no special care.

Only in case of contamination by dirt or sweat the mask should be cleaned up to 30 times. We recommend 1x weekly cleaning by hand in cold water. The free Clean-Management-App counts the amount of times the mask was cleaned and reminds you of the next washing date.
Line dry in shade for 6 – 8 hours depending on humidity. Please do not wring or pull, and do not tumble dry. Do not use detergent or bleach. Do not dry clean the mask.
Store in a clean bag/box, away from sunlight
How does the 5log mask with Livinguard technology differ from other antiviral masks?

There are several masks designated as antiviral, most of which use technology based on

metals such as silver, copper or zinc. 5log does not use these toxic ingredients because

they wash out over time, can be potentially harmful and pollute the environment.

In contrast, the Livinguard technology used in the 5log masks works without chemicals

and without metals. Instead, the effect takes place through positive charges (harmless to

humans), which attract and destroy viruses and bacteria like a magnet.

How long can I wear the 5log mask at a time?
This is best decided by yourself. However, our masks are designed to be very comfortable to wear, so that you can wear them longer throughout the day.
How many 5log masks do I need?
Usually one mask is enough. However, we recommend two masks if you cannot wait until the mask is dry after washing.
Which size is right for me?
To determine the right size, use a tape measure to measure the distance marked in green in the illustration. Alternatively, you can use your index finger and thumb to determine the distance.
How important is a good fit of a mask?
If masks do not fit well on the face, they only partially fulfil their protective function. A large part of the air does not pass through the mask material, but flows past it. Spectacle wearers notice this because their glasses fog up.

5log masks have a very good fit, which can be perfectly adjusted individually by means of deformable nose pieces and adjustable ear loops.

This prevents unfiltered airflow and maximizes the protective effect. In addition, the fogging of glasses is prevented.
When does the lifetime of the 5log mask start to count?
The lifetime of your mask depends on the cleaning cycle. We recommend cleaning the mask up to 30 times and only once a week. This would result in 210 usage days. But you may want to wear and therefore wash your mask more or less frequently which will of course impact the lifetime of the masks. Our downloadable Clean-App will help to count the times you washed your mask and even remind you when it's time for the next clean.
Why do 5log masks prevent odors?
Odors arise when odor-causing bacteria find a pleasant environment in which they can multiply: Warm and moist.

5log masks are equipped with Livinguard technology, which effectively destroys viruses and bacteria. Odor-causing bacteria are thus stopped from the outset.
Are there any allergies to the substances used?
Our products are dermatologically tested and there are no known allergies to the substances used.
Are 5log masks suitable for spectacle wearers?
Glasses fog up when moist air around the nose is allowed to escape upward.

5log masks use two strategies to prevent this: Good permeability of the mask fabric ensures easy breathing and that moist air is not directed towards the glasses.

In addition, a good fit, adjustable nose pieces and adjustable ear loops reliably prevent leaks from occurring at the edge of the mask, through which moist air flows towards the glasses.
How can the 5log mask prevent skin problems?
Skin problems on the face occur when the facial skin is covered in irritating materials for long periods of time, becoming increasingly moist throughout the day. Sensitive skin can then become red and blotchy, dry out or show other signs of stress.

5log uses materials that are gentle on the skin and makes sure that the moist air is well removed by the mask material.

The equipment with Livinguard technology prevents bacteria from settling, multiplying and putting additional strain on the sensitive skin of the face.
Is the 5log mask certified?
The 5log mask is approved for use in the USA under the 2021 FDA emergency use authorization. We are currently working with the FDA for certification.

This mask has been authorized by FDA under a EUA for use by HCP as PPE to help prevent the spread of infection or illness in healthcare settings and by the general public to help slow the spread of the virus during the COVID19 pandemic.
This mask is authorized only for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of the emergency use of medical devices, including alternative products used as medical devices, during the COVID-19 outbreak, under section 564(b)(1) of the Act, 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(b)(1) unless the authorization is terminated or revoked sooner.

In EUROPE:  the 5log PRO is authorized as KN95 mask according to GB2626:2006 KN95. The 5log STREET mask is not a medical mask and requires no certification, but was also tested to the European CWA 17553:2020 standard as a community face covering.

In CHINA:  5log PRO mask has been certified as KN95 compliant by the Guangdong Testing Institute of Product Quality Supervision in accordance with GB2626:2006 KN95.

USA: We are working with the FDA to make our masks available in the USA during the crisis.
Also other masks have also tested positive?
Every manufacturer knows the advertising impact of test results. However, experts know that test results must be valid - that is, they must be able to be verified by independent third parties.

We do not take the easy way out with the 5log mask, but have tests carried out in the most renowned institutes in America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, India and China.

The Livinguard technology we use has also been successfully tested and confirmed time and again - among others by highly respected laboratories worldwide in Switzerland, Germany, the USA and China.

More than 65.000 experiments resulted in more than 100 patents, which are used in the Livinguard technology. This technology was reviewed by one of the world's most renowned virologists, Dr. Gerba at the University of Arizona. Universities in Berlin and Aachen confirmed his results. All were very impressed with the results of their tests.
How safe is it to wear the 5log mask?
Nelson Labs have reviewed our documentation and have come to the preliminary conclusion that the masks are safe to wear during the current crisis. They will conduct further testing to confirm this conclusion. Livinguard technology has passed extensive skin compatibility testing to US EPA standards by Product Safety Labs and to European standards by the Hohenstein Institute in Germany.
Why are antibacterial masks not enough?
Antibacterial masks offer protection against bacteria. But SARS-CoV-2 is not a bacterium, it’s a virus, purely bacterial masks can’t destroy viruses.

The 5log mask destroys bacteria and viruses on the basis of Livinguard technology and thus reliably renders them harmless - without chemicals, without metals, without nanomaterials. Over 99.9 % of all SARS-CoV-2 pathogens do not survive contact with the mask according to independent laboratory tests.
What to think about carbon filters?
Carbon filters, like any filter material, rely purely on the filtering effect. Most viruses are kept out, but settle on the mask, multiply there and continue to be infectious.

The 5log mask does not use carbon filters, but the Livinguard technology, which reliably kills viruses and bacteria.

The 5log PRO mask has an additional filter medium which blocks over 95% of air particles that are larger than 0.3 micrometers.
Do waterproof or water-resistant masks offer better protection?
SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted through the air by tiny droplets (aerosols). A waterproof mask therefore seems to offer more protection.

The problem: The air we breathe contains moisture. If the mask does not allow this moisture to pass through, it collects in the tissue of the mask, where it forms an ideal breeding ground for viruses and bacteria to multiply.

In addition, films that are impermeable to water or vapor make breathing difficult.

The 5log mask allows moisture to pass through and enables easy breathing whilst  more than 99.9% of all SARS-CoV-2 pathogens do not survive contact with the 5log mask, due to the Livinguard technology.
Aren't silver, silver ions, copper and zinc just as effective?
Metals used against viruses and microbes are based on poisoning these organisms. Unfortunately, the metals used are not harmless to humans either, as they are not firmly bound to the carrier materials. They can detach from the fabric fibres or be washed out and there is a risk that particles can be inhaled and lead to health problems. Especially if nanoparticles are used.

After use, the danger still exists, so these masks are also harmful to the environment.

5log masks use Livinguard technology, which does not use chemicals, metals or nanoparticles.
Why are there no masks with valve from 5log?
We do not offer masks with a valve, because these masks only protect the wearer, but not his environment. When exhaling, viruses are passing unfiltered through the valve to the outside.

5log masks ensure that viruses are safely rendered harmless and offer protection to both the wearer and their environment.
Are homemade masks an alternative?
Research has shown the superiority of professional masks over self-sewn masks.

The biggest disadvantage of self-sewn materials are the materials used. Normal materials in combination with moisture from the breath form an ideal breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and germs.

Fabrics made with Livinguard technology render viruses and other organisms harmless and are non-toxic to humans.

5log masks are made of this new high-tech material from Livinguard and are therefore safer than self-sewn masks.
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